About M.I.

About Montana International

Montana International, LLC is a 100% local Woman Owned Business. Owned and operated by Cyndy Montana; with COO, Brian Chapin, as her business partner; they have great plans for Grand Island State Parks.  With Montana’s hospitality background and experience being an entrepreneur paired with Chapin’s corporate, financial and technology knowledge – they make a great team.

Committed to hands-on and heartfelt management, Montana International is not only excited about bringing life back to Beaver Island State Park but being a big part of helping Grand Island become an Eco-Tourism destination.

Our Core Values

At Montana International, company core values are the foundation to creating a team that is principled, with a shared vision and dedication to each other, staff members and guests. 
Below are our core values and what they mean to Montana International.  
Respect – for customers and co-workers – this is about how we treat others.
Team Work – we help each other out; no matter what.
Integrity – As individuals we need to be honest – this is how we act as individuals whether someone is around or not (intrinsic)
No Excuses – Don’t go to a customer with excuses – go to them with a resolution/plan or incentive that will bring them back
Accountability – Take ownership of your job and any issues that arise at work, be accountable to the customer and the company and make things right.  And when something goes wrong, take responsibility and tell whoever needs to know so it can be addressed immediately – bad news does not get better with time.
Customer’s Perspective – Always take time to look at every aspect of the experience from the guests’ perspective.  How could it be improved?
Solutions not Problems – Don’t come to a co-worker or a manager with a problem without already having a suggestion for a solution or suggestion.